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July 05, 2007


Amy Leydon

Dear Jay and Nick,

I am the somewhat unfortunate soul who had the great honor of introducing Mr. Lookner to his first live Wilco show. His gruff exterior may lead others to believe a fine band like Wilco would be lost to his world of cyncism, but I know he is a poet at heart and believed he would see the magic in the music.

Gus was correct in his analysis of the scene at the venue formerly known as Harbor Lights. I witnessed many an atrocity, from the volatile hippie who skull gripped me to the twenty something boys downing XL Bud Lights with their shirts off to the slightly overweight security guard still trying to make retribution for her unpopular years in high school. It dawned on me that the scene was very reminiscent of the Dave Matthews concert I attended in the Meadowlands in 1999. It’s tough to watch one of your favorite bands rocket from relative obscurity to mainstream popularity but if any band deserves the honor, it is Wilco.

What Augustus failed to notice in his sober stupor, is that the band still rocked. I don’t fancy myself a music connoisseur. I don’t get off on guitar riffs or notice the subtle stylings of a well-crafted song. Sometimes I’m not even sure who is playing guitar and who is playing bass. What I do know is if a band can make me dance and smile despite its depressing surroundings, then they are worth their weight in gold.

I told Gus you can’t judge a band by its venue. And after discovering he is friends with the editor of Paste magazine, coupled with the fact he has tickets to see the Police at Fenway, I might consider bringing Augustus back to Wilco next year. It may be Wishful Thinking but I think if he sees the band in my hippie homeland of Western, MA, he just might change his tune.

Amy Leydon

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Now, this is the sort of review that is poignant because it is immediate, raw, and impassioned.

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Lovely stuff, and I agree about 'you just can't stop' as the one to have, although I have never been able to cope with this name nonsense, so far as I'm concerned they'll always just be 'The Beat'.


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